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    November 05, 2009


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    I disagree that transition initiatives are so focused on peak oil - it, in my experience, has been hyper-focused on relocalization (plugging leaks as you ascribe to living communities above and not to TIs)

    Its based on permacultural principles where one identifies and controls input, outputs (yields and "waste") and implements a recursive process whereby inputs and outputs are constantly evaluated for best fitness.

    There is no perfect closed loop but as long as we consume, we have the power to effect local change via relocalizing and re-skilling.

    To me it seems that living communities requires a tighter knitting together of core intentions (I could be wrong!) and possibly leading to a more intensive consensus process whereas transition can proceed without such a tight coupling of people (but it doesnt exclude it).

    Transition has also always been seen as a way to weave together existing local efforts and not to supplant them.

    The difference here is that it is a thought form that starts the conversation about how our world is changing from the delusion of infinite growth to one where we control contraction to a rational and relocalized economy that is not simply zombifying our communities and work lives.

    Thanks Nika.

    Plugging leaks in a local economy may indeed be a part of the transition movement but it isn't the main driver. Just landing on the first page and its pretty clear what is.

    Following this conversation with interest. clicked on the link. I can't say I'm well versed on the indepth details of Transition Towns group activities. However, I think it would be a stretch for anyone new viewing 'tackle peak oil and climate change' front and centre on the homepage, to equate that with plugging economic leaks in local economies. Just an observation.

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